The interactive tricks and tips

The interactive tricks and tips

During our games with online slot machines we noticed a constant, and comparing ourselves with our colleagues and friends who share our same passion we received further confirmations in this regard. We also add that this impression is further supported by many other fans that attend the network and meet to discuss in forums or other places of multimedia aggregation. In practice, a behavior that we have found in many slot machines and that we have used as an effective trick to win online is as follows. Generally, gamblers can split into two broad categories, namely the Low Roller and High Roller. In order to big and safe you may always opt for the happyluke.

How to win with the actor’s makeup

With this clarification of the terminological order, we specify that the trick for online slots that we are about to describe you exploits a small weakness of certain machines ( we have noticed in particular in the slots produced by Netent, but also other models from other manufacturers seem suitable for the application of the method in question). In practice, we assume that all the gaming rooms are opened to generate a profit for the managers and at the expense of the players. For casino casinos, a High Roller player or a Low Roller is more importantbecause the former spends significantly higher figures and therefore generates more revenue. For this reason, certain slots are made in such a way as to push the player who is aiming hard to keep playing. It follows that in these machines the fixed point of 10 or 20 cents is simply a pure act of self harm it is essential instead that at some point this episode is increased.


Understanding the slot machine reasoning

The slot, in fact, will tend to make you lose to convince you to increase the bet (generating in the player the desire to make up the losses) or to persuade you to leave the game. Once we understand the slot machine reasoning, we can take advantage of this knowledge to get good winnings with slots. How? It is soon said. The most interesting aspect of this simple trick is the fact that there is no need to start betting 50 euros for each spin, there is no need to exaggerate up to this point. The typical behavior that you will have to implement to use this trick for online slots is the following  you play pianissimo, just like one of those Low Roller that we just stigmatized, choose low value bets and keep this low profile even long until they start to arrive the first winning combinations.

The various conditions before raising a bet

Before raising the bets, you will agree to wait for at least three consecutive rounds that end with a win. At this point give us in and go up to one euro per lap. Within a dozen or twenty pitches at most, now, the goal is to bring the BET up high enough figures, like five or even ten Euros to launch. When the slot machine perceives that you are facing a player who is not afraid to spend, will be able to give you prizes to convince you to play higher and higher figures.