Great Tips That Bring Your Wish for Playing the Slot Machines Come Back

We all love to sometimes turn the drums in Mega Jack, Novomatic / Admiral, Emax, WMS. We offer for the general development a series of articles on how these slot machines (slots) are built from within.

Frequently asked questions about slot machines and slot machines:

“Casino can adjust the payout of the slot machine”

Is it worth it to look for “profitable” or “good” time for the game or be afraid of the arrival of technicians? The casino can reprogram the machine – take out the card, relish the microcircuit (change the tape of the reels – remove the jackpots, etc.), check and put it back. The manufacturers of machines (both offline and in large online casinos) do not provide for the possibility of changing the percentage of payments.

“Hot slot machines”

The video slot is heated from the work of mechanics and electronics, as well as lighting. His temperature speaks only of his time, but not about the chances of winning. The operating time and temperature do not affect the RNG (random number generator), which ultimately determines the loss of the winnings.

“If you see how an online slots UK player leaves the machine and lost a large amount of money on it – he “heated” this machine for you, and the slot is ready to give out the winnings? The RNG slot provides random numbers, the result of each spin is random, past losses or winnings do not affect future results in any way. No cycles exist!

wining slot

“Stolen Jackpot”

The player sits down to the machine from which you just left, and quickly gets a big win (jackpot). Did he steal your jackpot? The RNG of the gaming machine constantly generates numbers at a speed of several million per second. Specific numbers are selected only at the moment when the player presses the start button.

“Bonus” boxes “with prizes”

Arrangement of winnings by “boxes” is made before the bonus game and is random. Here the moment of correct guessing is important.

“The size of the bet”

The online slots UK machine distinguishes between games with a large bet from games with a small bet, and depends on the percentage of payments? Certainly, can distinguish, but payments from this do not change. In the gaming machine, one layout of the reels and one payable are programmed, but changes in the percentage of payments simply cannot occur.

“Charged slot machines”

Employees of the gaming hall know which machines are “hot” and are ready to throw a big win? If the machine is reprogrammed, the employee may know something. But it’s better not to play in different basements, where machine-guns can be paid 20%. Most often, a girl operator can say that in such and such an automatic machine they lost a lot / little money, but as a result of the following games this will not be reflected in any way.

You can take a flash version of the casino, and run parallel analyzer TCP / IP packages – sniffer. At the beginning of the game in unencrypted form is transferred the layout of the drums, which you can just read by the sniffer. In some games, the layout is not given explicitly, but using the sniffer still makes it much easier to compose the layout, because in a convenient way the dropped symbols are transferred. I myself have not tried this method, but the fans of online slots UK and mathematics can try to pull out the layout and pay the percentage of payments.